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Robertson: Apache Junction baseball player should be a top Arizona prospect


There is nothing quite like small city high school baseball. It creates a place where families, friends and communities can come together and support their local team. Scouts will not be in the stands; games are very rarely streamed or televised, and outsiders may never even hear of the school, but sometimes, scouts may be missing out. That is the case for local star pitcher Jacob Glazener.

Glazener should be a household name when it comes to high school baseball prospects. Yet one must dig deep to even find his name. With such a phenomenal season on the mound, Glazener has solidified his name in Apache Junction sports history, and should be a top Arizona prospect.

Glazener, who was entering his third year at the varsity level, went into the season with a career ERA of eight. So, while the bar may have been low, Glazener was looking to take a big step forward in his final year with the team. And a big step forward he took. Glazener finished his senior season with an exceptional 0.88 ERA (earned runs allowed), which tied fifth for the entire state. This feat shattered his previous season best as he only allowed seven earned runs through 56 innings pitched.

When Apache Junction’s season was concluded April 20, Glazener was third in the state in total strikeouts (53rd in the country) and his WHIP (Walks, Hits Innings Pitched) was also at an outstanding 1.08. On top of his pitching numbers, Glazener also had a career best at the plate, hitting .268 and knocking six RBIs.

In his final game of the season, Glazener went the full seven innings, allowing only three hits and one run. He struck out 12, including the final batter of the evening.

Apache Junction’s season came to an end early, as the team fell short of the playoffs. Despite the team’s early exit, not enough praise can be given to Glazener. The season he had should be headlining him as a top prospect in the state.

Playing small city sports comes with its ups and downs, and unfortunately one of its downs is the lack of statewide and nationwide attention. Glazener’s great season should hopefully carry him to greater heights as a player with so much talent should warrant a shot at a higher level.

Editor’s note: Isaac Robertson is an intern who currently covers sports writing for Apache Junction Unified School District. He is going to attend Arizona State University with a major in sports journalism.

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