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Roberts: Looking for truth in debate


The debate is coming!

Personally, I’m not crazy about either one of the candidates, but you can bet your bottom dollar that either Trump or Biden will be our next president. I would prefer seeing someone fresh, inspirational, and believable. I used to vote for the party as my parents did, not the individual. I was influenced by them until some of the elected politicians we voted for did things after being elected that I completely disagreed with.

I became an independent. Our country is split as never before and bipartisanship has almost completely disappeared from the House and the Senate. Even Arizona had senators who would cross party lines for something they believed in.

Country over party. Now is the time to look closely at the proposed policies of each candidate and how both our families and our country will be affected. This is serious.

I will get my own information on what the candidates are promising on issues important to me. I don’t care what the news commentators say or friends and family. Our vote is private. Most commentators are biased and I find them often untruthful. I want to hear it “straight from the horses mouth.” I will listen to the candidates words and will look for truth and sincerity.

My hope is that in this upcoming debate we will actually be able to find what each candidate stands for. I am tired of shouting, name calling, and evading answers on the questions.

I have been disappointed in debates of the past, but I hope this one is different. I will tune in at least until I can’t take it anymore.

“Show me your stuff.” No BS!

Don Roberts