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Richards: Do research before hiring companies for work in Sun Cities


What is the best way to find a good, reliable contractor for any job or service you need done on your property? How many problems have you experienced with having work done on your house?

I needed tree work, so I hired a tree service that I found from an ad in the clipper magazine. They came out and gave me a quote by email and I accepted with the condition I would be the first appointment for the day. I also told them I must be home when they come so I can watch them on my property. They said a reminder would be sent a day or two ahead of time when the job was going to be done.

Week of job came and they called and changed the day to a day earlier then planned. On day of job they showed up one hour later then scheduled and called when they arrived because we were not home. I told them to reschedule.

The next day they came back as agreed and came earlier then planned, which was better and did a great job! I was happy all went well and in a timely manner!

Most of the companies use subcontractors for the services you hire and the company can only ask them to be on time but they are not employees! The subs set their times and give you an approximate time window, usually 2-4 hours but sometimes anytime within the day!

Always be home and watch the workers when you have a job done on your property! Understand what they are doing and why!

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