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Richard Steve Bogue

In the rose-colored hues of a setting sun over Arizona, a bright star dimmed as Dick Bogue, aged 82, took his final bow on the night of Sunday, March 24th. Born on September 21, 1941, in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Dick's life was a radiant journey that brought light and laughter to all who were fortunate enough to cross his path. Survived by siblings Pudge, Jaxine & Peck. His departure, hastened by the swift progression of Lewy body dementia, has left a void in the hearts of many, a testament to the love and joy he bestowed upon his world. Dick leaves behind a legacy of love with his wife of 50 years, Terry Bogue, the beacon of his life and partner in adventure. Together, they nurtured a family that was both successful and happy, a direct reflection of their love and dedication. Cameron and Derrick, their two children, are living tributes to their father's spirit, embodying the brilliance and creativity that Dick so passionately supported and celebrated. Derrick's success and artistic creativity, and Cameron's ventures stand as proud accomplishments, alongside the enduring love and support he provided his family through 25 years of entrepreneurship. What endeared Dick most to those around him was his unwavering spirit as an entertainer, a compassionate partner, and a fun-loving soul who always saw the bright side of life. His home was a haven of hospitality, where his skills as a chef and his generous heart made every guest feel cherished and valued. Dick's departure is not an end but a transition, as his legacy of love, laughter, and light lives on in every heart he touched. In every chuckle shared over a remembered joke, in every storm watched with awe, in every golf swing taken with friends, Dick's spirit endures, a reminder of the joy and beauty life holds. Farewell, Dick Bogue. Your journey was a masterpiece, and though the final curtain has fallen, your encore will resonate in our hearts forever.