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Reilly: Trump only choice for 2024


Starting in 2015 to the present, we have witnessed the relentless, manufactured lies by Democrats, Republican RINOs and radical leftist globalists promulgated to defame Donald J. Trump and his efforts to “Make America Great Again.”

We’re now witnessing the same unsubstantiated, anonymous attacks happening here in the pages of the Sun City West Independent. It should be obvious to anyone who is paying attention: President Trump was subjected to numerous, groundless attacks on his character prior to and during his presidency with countless, false attacks intended to interfere with his presidency. Some would consider these attacks traitorous in nature.

The majority of the attacks were developed using former Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi’s “Wrap-up Smear” technique. A false narrative is submitted to a willing, anti-Trump media outlet, that diligently publishes the lies and then the lies are “investigated” by phony Democrat committees of Congress to undermine President Trump.

This technique was reportedly used for the false, anti-Trump, “Russia, Russia, Russia” collusion hoax created by Hillary Clinton and her cohorts along with a willing FBI and the American intelligence community. And let’s not forget the 51 former U.S. intelligence spies who, just prior to the 2020 Election Day, falsely stated that the Hunter Biden laptop story was nothing more than Russian disinformation.

Many consider this particular lie to be more evidence of widespread bureaucratic election interference which continues today to disrupt the 2024 election campaign.

Regardless of the false narratives developed by anti-Trump operatives, look back at the successful four years President Trump was in office. My wife and I watched over 50 Trump rallies. He was consistent and sincere in his presentations, and it was obvious he was speaking from the heart. Trump has a love for America and restoring our nation to greatness. Trump is an enemy to all globalists who are intent on destroying America.
Trump’s 2020, COVID-19 pressers were fascinating and revealing.

For those who paid attention, we learned from Trump that FDA-approved hydroxychloroquine was a “game changer” for off label use in the fight against COVID-19. Regarding the new COVID-19 shots, Trump has publicly warned America, “Do not comply!”
Trump is not a Democrat or Republican puppet. He has a vision for America to make our nation strong, righteous and great again. Trump has a love for God, and just like Saul/Paul of the Bible, I believe God has chosen Trump as his minister to save our nation and the world from World War III. Trump is the only rational choice for President in 2024! Our votes go to President Trump!