Posse wants toys for Aguila


How valued and memorable life will be for the children of Aguila when they find not only toys under their trees this year, but styling clothing.

We here at the Sun City Posse call this fundraiser our “Mission of Joy” toy and clothing drive and we are proud to be a part of it. The drive began Nov. 28 and ends Monday, Dec. 12.

We again are asking that you drop off new, age-appropriate clothes and toys for youngsters’ pre-school through 12th-grade.

Toys are fun, enjoyable and cool, but clothing showcases confidence, self-assurance and certitude for youngsters on their first day back at school after the Christmas holiday. They will walk with a razor-sharp step because they will look and feel snappy.

The fundraiser is conducted in cooperation with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office District 3. So set your budget and divide your funds equally between clothes and toys. What better fun is there than to shop for children’s gifts?

Although we won’t be there to witness the children of Aguila opening their gifts, in our hearts we will embrace their joy and our role in making them smile.

For the past few years, Sun City residents have given toys and clothing to the nearly 160 students in Aguila, which is nearly 70 miles from Phoenix. It is a small community with about 800 residents.

Cantaloupe farming appears to be its staple crop. It is a poor community and according to details on the Internet the per capita income is around $30,000. The percentage of people living in poverty is more than 60 percent.

Because of that hardscrabble life, that is why the Posse and MCSO take the lead in helping youngsters who live in the community. But this is not the first time Posse members have helped Aguila. In the past we also promoted a back-to-school drive that saw us turning over boxes and boxes of supplies to the MCSO to be delivered to Aguila.

So, whether you are heading home for the holidays or your family and friends are coming here, take a few moments to spend time on gifts for Aguila youngsters. Trek to the stores or go online and purchase some toys and clothes.

“Last year Sun City residents came through for us," Posse Commander Marc Fuller said. “The clothing and toys donated by the residents of Sun City filled our hallway. It made all of us here at the Posse proud that we live in such a generous community.”

The commander is right, we are so blessed to live in a senior community that understands the significance of generosity.

So, grab hold of that gift. It can be anything from a teddy bear to a truck, a doll to a dragon, or video games to board games. It can be blouses, pants and skirts, and pretty colorful frocks for the girls and sweatshirts, T-shirts, pants and maybe even a suit for the boys. It doesn’t have to be an expensive toy or clothing; it just has to be brand new.

You can drop your unwrapped toy and clothes off at Posse headquarters, 10861 W. Sunland Drive. Or for more information you can call 623-972-2555. All gifts must be dropped off by Dec. 12 in time to be delivered.

A contingent of posse members, along with members of MCSO District 3, will deliver the toys to the town prior to the holiday.

Diana Graettinger is public information officer for the Sun City Posse.

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