Pace: Supporting community service, humanity and peaceful protests


Recent events remind us all of the importance of humanity and connecting with one another in so many different ways.

Whether it is participating in a peaceful protest to advocate for change based on a horrific tragedy, buying groceries to deliver to an elderly neighbor during this pandemic, assisting families in need whose primary breadwinner has lost a job, or teaching a child to read or swim --- all are actions that contribute to the greater good.

People like our own Paradise Valley residents, Dr. Joe Zachariah, who is an infectious disease specialist working seven days a week to help COVID-19 patients.

He and his peers are instrumental in seeing the 100th COVID-19 patient celebrate leaving Banner Baywood Hospital. And, his spouse, Dr. Teresa Zachariah, a well-known pulmonologist works diligently to help patients with breathing issues.

Kudos to both Dr. Zachariahs and the thousands of healthcare workers who have selflessly given of themselves to make a difference.

We honor our healthcare workers and first responders who are providing support and care to numerous people with health issues. These healthcare heroes have given so much during this COVID-19 pandemic. We value the relationships we have with our community and the safety of all residents.

Together we all can individually make choices to make a difference and be a positive influence in our daily walks of life. Our choices create a better humanity.

Community service is embedded in the American culture. We celebrate the thousands of daily acts of generosity, kindness and true assistance to those in need. As a community, it is important to recognize and support these acts while continuing to foster inclusivity, diversity and equality.

In my professional life as an employment attorney and trainer and in my pro bono work, I have been fortunate to make a difference regularly in fostering diversity discussions and teaching Respect at Work to hundreds of companies and to thousands of employees.

I was the presenter and narrator of an award-winning video on respectful conduct in the workplace that won a national Telly award. I have worked to successfully bridge the gap many times in the workplace between individuals with conflicts arising out of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, disability and more.

In my personal life, I have been active in civic affairs and community service in leadership positions for more than 40 years. I have co-founded and led many groups and events in the arts, including co-founding the Southwest Shakespeare Company and have served as pro bono counsel to the Phoenix Symphony for 20 years, economic development, conservation, public safety, and many projects that make a difference in a community.

I have been humbled to receive various recognitions including the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Spirit of Unity award. Go to to learn more of my life-long track record of service.

Society needs us all to contribute. Pick your passion and do something good. Consider donating to social service agencies to assist them through these challenging times. Families are in need and this is an important time to assist.

Please remember the Arizona Humane Society, Liberty Wildlife and other similar worthy animal care shelters. Animals and pets are in need.

Also, please do not forget to donate and support the non-profit organizations in the arts community as they too are struggling during these difficult times and need assistance to stay afloat as many are unable to open the doors for performances because of the COVID-19 physical distancing restrictions.

2020 is a year to stand by each other and grow and evolve together. Many parents are spending a lot of quality time with their children. These moments of teaching and mentoring are invaluable to their development and the opportunity to instill compassion, critical thinking, education, volunteerism, and just having good old-fashioned fun times in the pool letting kids be kids.

Today and each day, we can be a leader and foster a better future. Let’s all engage in actions to pay it forward with volunteerism. Let’s be the example that benefits our current and future generations!

Editor’s Note: Julie Pace is vice mayor of Paradise Valley and running for re-election to Town Council in the Aug. 4 primary election.