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Guest Commentary

Pace: Proposed bill could eliminate town’s 1 home per acre zoning


The By-Right Zoning bill is back and worse than ever. Last year many of us wrote about and worked hard to educate all residents and communities about the dangers and destruction of by-right zoning bill House Bill 2674 for all municipalities throughout Arizona.

The Home Builders Association and the Arizona Multifamily Association were the entities that worked to create and advocate for HB2674 last year, and they now bring Senate Bill 1117, which is much worse than the previous version of HB2674 from last session.

SB1117 has many elements that apply to every municipality in Arizona including but not limited to: eliminates single family zoning, eliminates planning and zoning or Council review or approval of projects, requires a maximum of 30 day fast-track approval process, allows use of public right of ways, allows accessory dwelling units on 4,000 square foot lots so increases density significantly and increases short-term rentals everywhere.

It also eliminates one house per acre zoning, permits up to 75 foot tall complexes built adjacent to bus stops, freeways, and light rail when located by major arterials with no public input or council or planning and zoning review, the bill removes public engagement process completely, and more.

Every resident needs to stand up now and write to all state legislators opposing SB1117. SB1117 will destroy the beauty of Arizona and the unique character we have throughout our state with the wonderful communities that have been nurtured and created by local residents.

The motivation driving bill SB1117 is allegedly to create more affordable housing, but there are ways to do so without the significant unintended consequences of SB1117. SB1117 will destroy Paradise Valley, along with most Arizona neighborhoods.

There is bi-partisan support for this bill from Democrats and Republicans, but with different motivations on each side. None of the provisions have anything to do with affordable housing, but the bill bypasses all municipal zoning review and approvals and shuts out public comment.

Start writing and calling all legislators today. This is critical that legislators hear from residents and registered voters to strongly and loudly oppose SB1117. This is not the answer for Arizona.