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Overson: 5 signs you may have roof damage


Homeowners must understand the importance of having and maintaining a reliable roof. The roof is one of the most important areas of the home as it protects from the elements, keeps the home warm and protects those living within from falling debris. Keeping an eye on the roof and checking it periodically for any signs of damage is crucial in making it last as long as possible. During my over three decades in the roof repair industry in the Valley here are a few of the key areas I tell homeowners to check for when it comes to roof damage.

Sagging ceilings

At first a sagging ceiling may not seem like much of an issue, but it is a sign the roof is leaking causing moisture build up within the ceiling. Once a sagging ceiling appears check it by touching it with your hand. If the area feels like wet cardboard or soft, moisture may be building up. Homeowners should never ignore a sagging ceiling. Once a sagging ceiling is identified contact a professional to have the area repaired as quickly as possible to prevent further leakage and costly repairs.

Dark streaks

Stains on the walls and ceiling indicate moisture is building up due to a leak in the roof. Moisture from roof leaks seep into the walls and ceiling material resulting in stains or dark streaks. Homeowners may not notice dripping leaks within the walls but stains growing on the walls indicates water is seeping through the roofing material into the home. If stains are appearing on walls and the ceiling, contact a roofer as the moisture build up can lead to expensive repairs if left unattended.

Aging roof

Modern roofs can last for decades. Depending on the material roofs last for different time frames before needing replaced. Most homes in Arizona either have clay tiles or asphalt shingles. Clay tile roofs can last up to 50 years whereas asphalt roofs typically last between 20 and 30 years. When purchasing a home always ask about the roof’s age. This will let the homeowner know if repairs may be needed soon.

Broken or missing tiles/shingles

Missing shingles and roof tiles are always a concern for homeowners. Once this material flies off the roof or becomes damaged the underlayment becomes exposed. Once the underlayment is exposed this area of the roof is prone to moisture build up that can seep into the home. Check the roof for missing tiles and shingles at least once every three months, and after storms or high winds. If there is any damage to the tiles and shingles, contact a professional roofer for repairs before the damage gets any worse.


The most obvious signs a roof has damage are leaks. Homeowners must understand that just because a roof is leaking you may not need a full roof replacement that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Often leaks occur because of underlayment, tile and shingle damage. A professional roofer can fix these areas by replacing materials and damage to the area.

Other common causes of leaks include old roofing material and storm damage. Unfortunately, homeowners will not know the solution to the issue until a full inspection is done by a professional. If a homeowner comes across a leak in the roof, they must contact a professional as soon as possible for inspection. Seek out multiple roofing contractors for different opinions before deciding on a course of action.

If your home’s roof has any sign of damage or is getting up there in age it is important to contact a professional roofer immediately for repairs. The longer you wait the more damage can be done resulting in higher repair costs or even replacement of the roof.

Pat Overson is the owner of Overson Roofing in Mesa. Overson Roofing has served its clientele for more than 30 years. The company won the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for ethics in 2016.

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