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Robbins: Override about teachers, students


This override is about people. It’s about teachers and students. We all understand that teachers need more resources.

These increased resources should end up in their pockets and in their classrooms. Teachers deserve to be compensated better. Passing this override will help to compensate high-quality, motivated teachers.

Secondly, this is about students. A quality teacher is essential for an excellent learning experience. Passing this override will also allow our district to keep the class size lower, which contributes to quality time and improved instruction with each student. Lastly, this override ensures the continuation of full-day

Kindergarten, which is essential to the success of early learners.
Scottsdale’s high quality of life is dependent on high-quality schools. The passage of this override will continue our tradition of adequately funding our public schools.

A positive, quality community is built on an educated community. Please join me in supporting the passage of this override.