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Mynars: Concerning Bidenomics and the new House Speaker


My “10 cents” says that Bidenomics is working. Four basic governmental functions are: regulate business, provide a basic social safety net, promote infrastructure and protect civil rights. To fulfill these functions the Democratic Party via Bidenomics has passed: the American Rescue Act, the bipartisan infrastructure law, the CHIPS and Science Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act.

As a result, the U.S. economy has been jumpstarted after the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic by rebuilding roads, bridges, harbors and internet infrastructure; attracting $200 billion in private investment for chip manufacturing; and having invested billions in addressing the effects of climate change.

These changes need workers, and the economy has emerged from the pandemic with great growth of 4.9% in the last quarter, along with record employment and wage gains. Median household worth has grown by 37% since the pandemic with wages growing faster at the bottom of the economy than at the top. Skeptical? Do some research yourself rather than decide according to your political preferences.

And what’s happening with the new House Speaker, Mike Johnson (R-La.) on the red side of the aisle? As of this writing (Saturday, Nov. 11) nothing that will fund the government by Friday, Nov. 17. During this House stagnation he was asked in an interview by Fox News “…what he thinks about any issue under the sun.” the Speaker replied, “…well, go pick up a Bible off your shelf and read it – that’s my worldview. That’s what I believe, and so I make no apologies for it.” I have to ask: Where does the Bible address continuing resolutions for government funding? Perhaps he might consult the Quran, Vedas, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Tao te Ching, Upanishads, Bhavagad Gita and/or Buddhist Sutras? Or perhaps use some reason, common sense and the Constitution.

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