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Muha: Are Peoria council members ‘asleep at the switch?’


It was stunning reading, “Peoria loses money on land sale near Peoria Sports Complex,” and also watching many on the city council approve this sale. Most did not even ask a question. Are they asleep at the switch?

Rarely does one sell land in a city at one of the “prime locations” and lose this amount of money — a $1.6 million loss in seven years.

I would think simply having an auction would have yielded more money, or wait for further development to “lift all boats” over the next five years.

I haven’t heard a huge cry from the business community for small office space in that location.

During the past 12 months, items have been presented to the city council that have had no time for review, such as the approval of selling this land in P83. I hope this year when items are presented, there will be a time period allowed for the council to review, have discussion and vote yes or no at the following meeting if needed.

If the mayor and city council continue doing business the way they have the last 12 months, we don’t even need to have them vote. Let’s continue the rubber stamp process of a yes vote on everything. Or another popular move this past year has been putting many items in the consent agenda with no discussion. The two or three council persons trying to have conversation, debate, and thoughtful information presented are ignored.

Residents are having their voices ignored. This loss of $1.6 million is simply the tip of the iceberg. Wait and see the cost escalation of the police and fire unit, the economic development package for the semiconductor plant, and the funding likely that will be given to the charter school.

I really hope I am wrong.