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Moran: Board decision should end Sun City harassment


For the past month, my friend Cheryl Roe Hogan has been fighting a move by some Sun City residents to force her and her disabled son, Warren, to move out for violations of the HOA.

There was a hearing of the Maricopa County Board of Adjustment Feb. 16 to decide the issue. I’m pleased to report at that hearing, the other side lost. Cheryl’s son’s lawyer basically read the county the riot act about disability and housing issues and what is required of the county — noted that they are way out of compliance.

Then Cheryl’s sister stepped up to the mic and dumped a heaping, steaming bucket of disdain on both the county and the group that initiated the complaints. Finally, Cheryl expressed her disappointment with those attacking her, and did so most politely. These people got off very lightly, in my opinion, after their callous behavior. But at least the county staff recognized that they were in the wrong. The others I suspect did not and still do not realize that.

I can’t possibly comment on these people without using language that would be unacceptable in these pages. But you people know who you are and you know what you did to this poor disabled young man and his mother with your unconscionable actions.

Eighty-eight of you filed complaints, but when the time came to speak up in the hearing, you kept your heads down, proving you aren’t entirely without shame. Congratulations on getting one thing right.

Bottom line — unanimous approval by the Board of Adjustment for Warren to remain in his home, and the county belatedly recognizing that they need to update their policies to conform with state and national disability legislation.
Sometimes, the good guys win. Congratulations Cheryl and Warren, and we’ll look forward to knowing that you both can live in peace, now that this kerfuffle, and the uncaring, uninformed people who caused it, have been cleared away.