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Menefee: Stall on theater in Sun City continues today


When I moved to Sun City in 2002 a proposal for a large theater was shot down.

No problem, they’ll design a smaller one. Choraliers abd Readers Theater performances kept be occupied and happy.

It is now 2023 and the stall continues.

In 2007 I was in the chorus in “Chamelot.” We’d have to wait while a couple of roller skaters went round and round before we could begin practice. I made it through “George M” and had to share a spot behind the curtain with Cliff Derby to make costume changes. The two dressing rooms are only big enough for the stars of the show.

It was fun being in “Once Upon a Mattress” as a pregnant lady in waiting (the miracle of makeup and costuming), but while waiting to go on it was so cold sitting next to the garage-like doors with sometimes wind howling.

I decided that was enough. I’m 93 now and won’t be going out for any more plays. But I’m looking forward to seeing the next one the Sun City Players are now practicing. Hope you are there, too.

Don’t be an obstructionist — be a builder!

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