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Letter to the Editor: Article on sheriff's group presents biased perspective


I subscribed to the Daily Independent to get local news about issues in my town and the greater Phoenix area.   I’ve been happy with the reporting I’ve seen so far because it sticks to the facts and informs me of what’s happing in the community.

Today I see this article:

Arizona-based sheriff group promotes members with ties to white nationalism | The Daily Independent at YourValley.net

Worst of all it’s the top story in the email summary I received today.  I’m not the type of person to fire off angry emails, but this really got under my skin.

Please keep these biased opinion pieces out of your paper, or at a minimum, put them in the opinion section.   The buzzwords and phrases in this article like “ties to white nationalism”, “far-right militant groups”, and “outspoken election denier” are pure liberal propaganda and deserve no place in a local newspaper such as this.   Why would you report a one-sided smear piece like this under the law enforcement news section?  If I wanted to see this in my local paper I’d subscribe to the Arizona Republic.  Please do better and keep the opinions where they belong, and out of the news.

Jim from Chandler