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Kvaran: Tellers should hand over money, even in Sun City


I was quite intrigued to read the letter (“Sun City: Second bank robbed,” Daily Independent, May 12, 2023), which was prompted by a story in the same paper, which was also in our weekly newspaper (“2nd Sun City bank robbed,” Sun City Independent, May 17, 2023).

But I was not surprised the author of the letter kept his or her real name off of it. Particularly interesting was the phrase, “unfortunately they train tellers to be nonconfrontational” during a bank robbery.

Really? Unfortunate? Imagine that you are a patron in a bank and someone decides to rob it. Would you rather the teller became confrontational with the robber or not? Call me a wimp, but I go with “not.”

I am always amazed at the people who believe that it is more important to protect money than human lives. Let’s not force the “homeless bums” (or whomever) to whip out their guns, point them at everyone rather than just handing over a bag of cash. Because once the robber pulls out his piece every carrier of a legal gun might be tempted to pull out theirs and there is a story I do not want to read about in the next day’s Daily Independent or the Sun City Independent.

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