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Johnson: Are Sun City West's CC&Rs enforceable?


This is in response to Sept. 13 edition of Sun City West Independent and opinion letter from Mack Gilham: “Time for some meaningful CC&R penalties.”

I agree with all you who are voicing about the lack of enforcement of the CC&Rs that are presented to all of us when we sign our documents in agreement when we move into Sun City West. However, my understanding is we live in an unincorporated area of Maricopa County and as such if a resident’s complaint is not listed as a code violation for Maricopa County, neither the Rec Centers nor PORA can enforce them. This is my understanding. So anyone is welcome to correct me if I am wrong about this.

By the way, weeds and recreational vehicles parked on streets are listed as code violations with Maricopa County.
The change needs to take place at the very core; the county level. So in defense of the Rec Centers and PORA, their hands are tied with many of the complaints they receive. Their hands are not tied when it comes to working toward getting more code violations in place within Maricopa County. Of course the simpler solution would be for some of the residents to be reasonable and stop behaviors that negatively impact others.