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Graves: Trump only one who stood up


It’s time to do your research Mr. Novess. Trump said, “I keep my friends close and my enemies closer.” Mr. Novess states that blind loyalty is strong with Mrs. Graves. Mr. Novess knows nothing about me. That I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016. That I was a Republican when I turned 18 years of age. And that when I moved to Pennsylvania with my husband I became a Democrat as all my in-laws were. And I was an independent for awhile but gave that up when I realized I couldn’t vote in the primaries.

The news says that Sidney Powell was Trump’s lawyer. She never was. That lie was started by Jenna Ellis. Another Trump person? Not if you do your research you find that she was never part of anything Trump. She popped up out of nowhere. Court records show that Ellis never took part in election law cases, federal judiciary cases or any cases in the United States district courts or courts of appeals before December 2020. In 2013, Ellis claimed to have been an “attorney for the U.S. Department of State” though no records exist of her ever being a State Department employee.

It doesn’t matter, Mr. Novess, if all the witnesses against Trump were Republicans. Trump’s indictments come from him speaking out about the stolen election. President Trump and his supporters were not allowed to question any of the blatant fraud, or have a recount or find why more votes were tallied than registered voters in a district. Not to mention the dead people who rose up to vote for Biden and all the made up names. We were told to ignore what we saw on the camera footage that took place in the ballot counting rooms and pay no attention to the people feeding the machines with baskets from under tables of fake voter ballots, and ignore the incriminating conversations that were picked up on mics. They don’t go after those who rigged the election, only after those who want to catch and expose the rigging.

In every stolen election, every American voter has been taken through the gaslighting chambers of the false narrative that the election was fair and nothing was rigged. Even though we watched the voting stop in the middle of a landslide victory for President Trump and resume in the wee hours of the morning with truckloads of ballots from out of thin air....with all votes going to Biden and a narrow victory declared by fake news by all the televised stations. The battle is old and has always been there. The difference now is that a mass awakening has begun to reach critical mass awareness.

Your quotes about Trump are all false. Trump is the only president in history that has taken on the entire corrupt establishment in Washington. The more I research the more I know that our nation has been totally infiltrated with communists and Republican and Democrat politicians are two sides of the same coin. They want us divided. As the lies and false accusations of Trump continue, President Trump’s poll numbers go up.