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Fischbeck: Some of the most popular 2023 home trends for East Valley homeowners


When a new year arrives so do new trends and people are always trying to upgrade their homes with the newest style. East Valley homeowners are no exception. Whether they are looking to upgrade the kitchen or add a few new home appliances East Valley homeowners are looking to make home improvements. Here are some of the most popular home trends for East Valley homeowners.

Energy-conserving smart home technology

Inflation remains high and the monthly energy bill is still pricey which means homeowners are looking for sleek and modern ways to save energy. One of the best things about modern technology is the ability to integrate our home into an automated system via smart technology. The ability to control the lights and temperature from your phone is becoming an increasingly popular trend.

Smart lighting gives your home a modern feel and conserves energy. They do this because you can program the system to turn off when you are not using it and many of these smart lighting systems also allow you to track your energy usage. You can also schedule to turn the lights on or off from your phone or schedule them to turn on, turn off or dim at certain times.

Modern tech such as smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to save you money. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a smart thermostat saves homeowners an average of $180 per year so installing a smart thermostat has become a popular option for homeowners.

Neutral-color kitchens

Kitchen remodels are always one of the most popular home improvements which means kitchen trends are always changing.

The year 2021 was all about all white and farmhouse-style kitchens and homeowners are starting to move away from that trend, according to Amber Carfield, lead designer at kitchen remodeling company Kitchens by Good Guys.

“One of the staples we are seeing is neutral colors for cabinets. We are stepping away from bright whites and moving to colors such as beige or gray,” Carfield said. “These neutral colors are being paired with wood tones on the flooring and cabinets to give the home a more natural look.”

Another popular trend is man-made quartz countertops meant to look like marble. This is a popular trend because the countertops look like high-end marble but are a more cost-effective and easier-to-maintain option.

“Everyone wants a marble countertop but they are expensive and really hard to maintain because marble is such a porous stone,” Carfield said. “Man-made quartz looks just like marble, costs less and is maintenance free so it makes sense homeowners would flock to this trend.”

Carfield went on to say that the most popular type of countertop colors are darker ones such as charcoal.

“The desire for darker countertops is just another example of homeowners moving away from the all-white kitchen that was popular last year.”

Commissioning a custom art piece

Homeowners love to make their homes stand out and feel like a unique space so it makes sense people would flock to unique artwork someone can’t get anywhere else.

Commissioning custom artwork is becoming a popular trend for homeowners. They are commissioning large pieces and small pieces of art that are personally made for them.

Hand-blown glass chandelier and custom glass artist Newt Grover has been receiving more requests for custom artwork at his studio Newt Glass.

“The inclusion of custom artwork is always a popular trend because you are getting something that no one else has,” Grover said. “If I craft a piece of custom glass art I am putting all my heart and soul into creating something just for them.”

Finding a piece of art made just for your home is a popular trend to start the new year.

Jason Fischbeck is the president and owner of Automated Environments, a smart home technology installer and provider in Mesa.

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