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Fehn: Sun City CC&Rs will be violated until enforcement


Afternoon all my fellow Sun City residents. Another article about home construction has been published.

I get it, it was non-compliant to the CC&Rs. This type of construction will keep going on until our CC&Rs are supported and backed by the county. When a contractor needs to get a permit to do major repairs or modifications to a property, he takes his happy little body to the county permit office and gets a permit. Nothing that the contractor has shown the permit office is out of line. He gets his permit and the construction begins. That is also where our problem begins for us here in Sun City.

There is no legal, county-backed law that says any construction done in Sun City has to have an approval by the HOA that indicates this contractor is building or modifying property in Sun City. If that rule/law was on the books for Maricopa County, we would not have residents complaining about two-story garages for motorhomes.

We need to, however, get a law in this county so that any permit requested by a contractor or individual, must have a signed sheet of compliance from our Sun City Home Owners Association that indicates the work to be done is in compliance with our CC&Rs.

As it stands at this time, the CC&Rs are just a wish list the SCHOA has printed. It would not hold up in court. If it did, all of the construction that is not within the CC&Rs would not be happening.

Our SCHOA needs to take the legal action so our CC&Rs are more than just words that have no substance. Not complying to the CC&Rs after that is done can mean the structure could be removed at the owners expense. Maybe this will stop residents complaining about construction in our fair community.

Thank you for your time.

Editor’s Note: We’d like to invite our readers to submit their civil comments, pro or con, on this issue. Email AZOpinions@iniusa.org.