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Dover: Concerning local parallels to national politics


I’ve been seeing an interesting, and unwelcome, parallel between our town politics and that of Washington, D.C.

Whereas during the years of President Trump’s term of office we saw non-stop interference in his duties by merit of occupying him with defense of one baseless allegation after another, we seem now to be seeing a similar pattern evolving regarding some of our town councilors.

On nearly a weekly basis, I’ve been reading charges and allegations levelled against councilors Skillicorn, Toth and Kalivianakis. What’s interesting is that none of them stick. They are gratuitous and steady, which indicates that there is a movement underway by some to undermine their ability to do their duties and to intimidate or ultimately discredit their characters to the extent that they fail re-election, or worse. 

The councilors’ every action or statement seems to be viewed under a microscope, to the exclusion of the other councilors, their words parsed and their characters assailed – usually by baseless, unsubstantiated references. In another parallel, it seems that often we find that salaried town officials and associates are the source.

There is clearly a body of our population which has no regard for differences of opinion. Rather than win their own opinions by the merits of their positions, they seek to silence, intimidate or stamp out those who see another way. Any means, however petty, exaggerated or just plain false, seems to suit them.  For them, their end apparently justifies their means.

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