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Dime: Liberty or authority?


Peace and prosperity since WWII has incentivized Americans to focus on personal pleasures and amusement. Self-reliance has been exchanged for dependencies like drug abuse, carnal fantasies, venerating celebrities and government handouts. Living examples of decadent behaviors are everywhere you look, but we let petty self-indulgences occupy our minds allowing faith, family, liberty, justice, democracy to fall from grace.

Baby Boomers, descendants to the Greatest Generation that gave their lives to liberate the world from tyranny, were handed the opportunity to fulfill the American dream. Boomers made their faith, family and freedom the building blocks of their American dream. Reveling in peace and prosperity morphed into being easily placated into complacency and narrow-mindedness. Government expansion was ignored until unelected bureaucrats seized the power and crafted the people’s elected representatives into parrots and puppets – like Joe Biden. Living under the thumb of an unelected plutocracy is where we seem to be today. 

The Vietnam War spawned the mantra: “Give peace a chance!” Young Boomers realized that love and peace trumps hate and war. Aging Boomers fell into complacency as government became the biggest employer in America. The federal government is no longer about service and assistance, it’s about self-preservation and the manipulation of power.  

Today’s generation can be, if it chooses to be, the 21st century’s greatest generation by liberating themselves from the current totalitarian ruling class. If today’s generation remains silent and compliant, America will become a two-class society of haves and have nots. A silent, compliant generation will get exactly what it deserves – dominant globalist elitists that own and control everything, and a subservient underclass that owns nothing and exists to serve the elitists.

Hopefully enough conservatives will vote to preserve liberty and democracy and shun the progressive autocratic plutocracy that reveres centralized power and control.

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