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Dewey: Commingling ends for Sun Cities softball teams


For whatever reason, a 20-plus year tradition of Sun City seniors playing softball with our neighbors in Sun City West came to a halt. The Recreation Centers of Sun City West board voted to end the tradition and no longer allow comingling between our two communities.

A new session was scheduled to start Jan. 17 and they said it could be played but at the beginning of April the program as it had been would end and the two communities would no longer play together as one. However, the Sun City Softball Club voted to split immediately and play with only Sun City club members at our own field. Games began Jan. 17 consisting of three leagues — American, Central and National.

It was, of course, emotional as well as a logical decision. Many friendships were formed over the years. The vast majority of fellow softball players in Sun City West are congenial and honorable people. A few bad apples can rotten the bushel. Hopefully, the friendships formed will remain despite the split. However, we look forward to a good, fun program independent of Sun City West.

Games are Monday-Friday at Del Webb Memorial Field, 10220 N. 107th Ave. Spectators are always welcome. Come check us out. You will be surprised at how well our seniors play the game and, who knows, you might just decide to join in the fun.

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