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Arend: Board shut down member comments in Sun City


I was at the Recreation Centers of Sun City Board of Directors meeting Oct. 27.

If you were not there you should watch the YouTube video “RCSC Board meeting 10/27/2022.” Members were not allowed to make any comments on the agenda items. It appears we certainly have a split board and one side is not willing to make any concessions. Probably close to 75% of the amendments that were brought forward by members of the board to change or add to the new proposed bylaws were rejected by a vote of 6-3 or 5-4. Just by watching the video, you can see it is the same three in the minority each time.

I left the meeting after it was brought up by Vice President Mike Age to delete Article lX, which gave the members the right to get petition signatures on RCSC property. Again, this was passed by a 5-4 vote to delete the article. Which means we will not be allowed to get signatures on the RCSC property.

Now the proposed bylaws have not addressed anything in the members’ favor that the members brought up at our membership meeting more than a year ago, which by the way, was attended by more than 700 members and more than 700 proxies. The board will say they lowered the quorum to 800, but it shouldn’t have been 1,250 for 12 years when it was never met until last year. I hope it was met because the members were not at all happy with the board’s actions.

It appears to me our only choice is to get out and vote for the candidates that you believe will work for the good of the membership. We need to turn the minority into the majority.

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