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Guest Commentary

Alper: Jim Bruner’s must-read Scottsdale book


My friend Jim Bruner has written a biography that’s a must-read for those of us who love Scottsdale.

Jim’s impressive hard-cover book, “Behind the Scenes,” is fun to read, and also packed with photos and news clippings. It is available at amazon.com.

A past Scottsdale councilman and Maricopa County supervisor, Jim was instrumental in bringing a major league baseball team to Arizona by persuading Phoenix Suns owner Jerry Colangelo to form an ownership group.

Jim also cast the deciding vote to build a county-owned stadium to be the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. It’s a vote that may have cost him his political career. But he always did what he believed was best for the community, and he had the courage to step up regardless of the personal or political cost.

In the 1980s Jim helped Gov. Rose Mofford develop a plan to stabilize and expand Arizona’s Cactus League to successfully compete with Florida’s Grapefruit League. It is now a significant contributor to the Arizona economy.

As a frequent visitor to Scottsdale, and now a resident, this book was a fascinating read for me. Learning the ins and outs of deal-making, while representing the public ethically, was intriguing.

Through Jim’s book, we learn “how the sausage was made.” The newspaper clippings remind us of why many were upset with his vote for the stadium, and why in the end most of us are very happy with his actions.

Jim Bruner has played a pivotal role in growing Scottsdale and making it a financial success. Thank you, Jim, for all you did, and are still doing, for Scottsdale. And for taking us “Behind the Scenes.” The entire community is indebted to you.