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Conger: Stinknet a menace to desert

Stinknet with its round, bright yellow flowers is a real problem in Sun City.

Fountain Hills cannot afford Joe Arpaio

In a January interview (azfamily.com), former Sheriff Arpaio explained that he was running for mayor of Fountain Hills because he didn’t have any hobbies and wanted to contribute to his …

Shafer: New general plan amendments mean residents …

The city of Peoria is planning to amend it's General Plan so that it will be easier to bring a new airport and other projects into our boundaries.

Schepler: Stop using rat poison ASAP

Please stop using rat poison in our neighborhood.

Majcher: We are against adding yet another huge …

I have yet to see a detailed map of exactly where they plan on putting this Amkor manufacturing facility.

Nelson: Replacements for Lesko are numerous

I read your story about the many candidates that are seeking to replace Rep. Debbie Lesko.

Goldberg: Artificial intelligence, real intelligence …

Everyone wants to stop violence today, but no one knows how. Some think we will be able to find the answer with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) because it has amazing capacities that our scientists …

Church: Thanks to Pearson for his efforts

Like many of my golfing friends here in Sun City, I moved here after retiring, hoping to continue competing at a high level in local tournaments.

Copeland: Believes abortion is murder

Some people are acting as if abortion is a God-given right. I’m sure that God, who values all human life, would not be in favor of abortion.

Forsythe: Peoria is being ruled by small group of …

Democracy is worth fighting for - Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams, et al per the Declaration of Independence - 1776.

Hinojosa: Latino community deserves a full commitment …

Hispanic workers, from entrepreneurs to farmworkers, are a unique strength of the American economy.

Flood: Teeing it up for Hospice of the Valley

It was a picture-perfect day out at Grayhawk Golf Club for Hospice of the Valley’s 2024 Pro-Am Golf Tournament, presented by Cigna Healthcare.