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Hendrix: GOP done little to improve life?

Just a quick reply to Rich Andrews regarding his comments about busy Republicans vs. Democrats.

Maricopa County Republican Committee wants in-person …

PHOENIX — The Maricopa County Republican Committee wants the state GOP to cancel Arizona’s normal presidential preference election and instead hold its own vote — one that would not include any mail-in balloting and would require anyone who wants to vote to show up and vote in-person on Election Day.

Breen: Sun City resident believes GOP is ‘out of …

The Republican Party is out of touch with its constituents.

Arizona GOP leader wins reprieve against release of …

PHOENIX — The head of the Arizona Republican Party got at least a temporary reprieve in her bid to stop her phone records from being turned over to Congress. In a brief order Wednesday, …

Dems defending GOP from their own lawsuit

PHOENIX — The Arizona Democratic Party is moving to defend elected Republican officials in Maricopa County from a lawsuit filed against them by their own party.

GOP chair: subpoenas puts personal, party privacy at …

PHOENIX — Kelli Ward is telling a federal judge if she lets the Jan. 6 Committee access her phone records, it will endanger not only her rights but those of the entire Arizona Republican …

After primary win, Lake shifts focus to November …

PHOENIX — Kari Lake proved this week that she has the backing of a majority of Arizona Republicans — at least those who voted in the primary.

Lake declares victory with votes still uncounted

PHOENIX — Kari Lake declared victory Wednesday in the Republican gubernatorial primary even as votes were being counted and even as she continued to insist there is evidence of fraud in Arizona elections — evidence she would not share with the media.

GOP's school voucher plan moves ahead

PHOENIX — Four years after voters rejected a similar plan, Republican lawmakers are pushing ahead with a plan to let any of the 1.1 million students in public schools get vouchers to attend private and parochial schools.

Ducey, GOP seek votes for $15B budget

PHOENIX — Gov. Doug Ducey and Republican legislative leaders are trying to line up the votes for a $15.1 billion spending plan that includes more money for border security than for new unrestricted operating funds for public schools.

Senate GOP thwarts Glendale lawmaker's push for …

PHOENIX — Senate Republicans quashed a bid Tuesday to force a vote on legislation to forbid people from buying weapons unless they first have a background check.

GOP supporting law requiring proof of citizenship to …

PHOENIX — The Republican Party wants a “seat at the table” to support a controversial new law that requires proof of citizenship to vote for president.

GOP blocks passage of basic state budget

PHOENIX — Efforts to adopt at least a basic budget for the coming fiscal year ran aground Wednesday as two Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee refused to go along, leaving it short of votes.

GOP legislative leaders seek session shutdown

PHOENIX — Unable so far to craft a budget deal despite — or because of — an anticipated $5 billion state budget surplus, Republican legislative leaders are looking for an exit strategy to finally shut down the legislative session that began in January.

Panel: GOP ballot law could be unconstitutional

PHOENIX — The Democratic Party will get a chance to challenge state laws that now put Republicans first on the ballots of most Arizonans.

Not all Arizona schools eligible for millions in …

PHOENIX — Republican lawmakers are pushing ahead with the first major revamp in four decades of how schools are funded despite the fact the package was apparently put together without input from traditional public schools.

Ducey, GOP lawmakers set goal of flat tax rate

PHOENIX — Key Republican lawmakers and Gov. Doug Ducey are moving to undermine the scheduled public vote on last year’s $1.9 billion tax cut.

State Supreme Court urged to reject early voting ban

PHOENIX — The state’s top election official is urging the state Supreme Court to reject a bid by the Arizona Republican Party to kill all early voting. In court filings Friday, Roopali …

Arizona GOP looks to kill early voting

PHOENIX — The Arizona Republican Party is trying to kill the method of voting preferred by more than 80% of state residents.Legal papers filed Friday ask the Arizona Supreme Court to conclude …

GOP lawmakers earmark funds for border wall with …

PHOENIX — Republican lawmakers are ready to use state funds to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

Judge: Arizona voters can weigh in on tax cut

PHOENIX — Arizona voters have the legal right to review — and override — the $1.9 billion tax cut plan that mainly benefits the wealthy approved earlier this year by the …

Ducey: Letter from Biden administration was 'weak and …

PHOENIX -- Gov. Doug Ducey lashed out Thursday at President Biden's bid to go after governors who ban mask mandates, calling his administration's message to him “weak and …

Barwick: Claims other side in politics has no morals

I have been asked why liberals seem to have an advantage over conservatives when it comes to politics. Liberals seem to do whatever they please even if it is illogical. For example, they are the …

Siegel: Definition of political hypocrisy — Kelli …

Since the Jan. 23 vote for State Republican Party chairman and other party officials, there has been an ongoing battle for either a recount and audit of those votes or a revote by the members of the Republican State Committee.