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Watson: We would be in good hands with Thomasson as mayor


As a Paradise Valley resident for over 37 years, I write to express my unwavering support for Anna Thomasson for mayor of Paradise Valley. With a successful business background and an unwavering commitment to civil service in our town, Anna embodies the best qualities necessary to lead our community. 

I have come to know her character as my Saturday walking partner around town over the past 20 years. In addition to her commitment to picking up litter as we walk, she is thoughtful, articulate and kind. 

Anna has demonstrated exceptional dedication and proficiency in every aspect of her two-term service on the Town Council. From budget management to strategic planning, Anna approaches every task with meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of fiscal responsibility.

What truly sets Anna apart is her genuine desire to uphold the standards of civil service excellence. She approaches her position with the utmost respect, recognizing the importance of transparency, accountability and integrity in all her endeavors. She consistently prioritizes the well-being of our town, making decisions that reflect a deep understanding of our values.

As a proud supporter of Anna Thomasson, I am confident that our town will continue to thrive and prosper with her as mayor.

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