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Utke: Board should retain at least one branch


I am a resident of Sun City as of 2021 and have recently become aware of the potential loss of the current library branches as the governing board makes future plans.

Considering the many advantages that the library brings as a community partner, I strongly urge the Sun City decision makers to retain at least one branch of the Maricopa County Library system within our municipality.

The excellence and value of this high-quality resource helps Sun City stand apart in the many 55+ offerings in the Phoenix area.

What’s more, the increased traffic congestion in the surrounding roadways makes retaining a library branch within the community limits especially important, particularly for those living with limited mobility and other physical challenges, which our population so often faces.

Having the positive outlet of the free and public library provides such immense enrichment opportunities to people living here, as well as to visitors and potential new residents.

I know I am not alone in deeply cherishing all that the library contributes, especially in its commitments to ensure equal opportunity access for all.

Without the presence of this vibrant amenity, I believe that a significant aspect of the Sun City community spirit would be sadly diminished.

Rev. Ann Utke

Sun City, library