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Unkefer: The Paradise Valley sound ordinance is sufficient


I own a pickleball court. It is for our personal use with friends and family. We do not play after 10 p.m. Our court is far from neighboring homes. We don't hold any "leagues or tournaments."

Throughout PV, I hear the sound of tennis balls being hit far more than pickleballs. I also see regular weekly groups together training and playing tennis with multiple cars visiting on the same day and time. I am happy to see and hear people exercising in this way.

In PV, I hear lawn care blowers all day long, which is a much bigger sound problem but I am glad my neighbors are maintaining their property.

In PV, I hear drag racing down Doubletree Ranch Road periodically throughout the day. That's a bigger and more dangerous issue.

As in all things, it is a tradeoff. I believe our current sound ordinance is sufficient. Don't change a thing.

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