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Goncalves: Trump accusations frightening?


I just read the two letters to the editor regarding Donald Trump and it is frightening to read the absolute hatred of this man.

Under President Trump we had the best four years but the Socialist Democrats would never give him credit for one positive thing he did — so sad.

One of the accusations coming from Democrats is that those who support Trump are members of a cult. Really?

They have short memories because when Barack Obama was running and when he was president, school children were singing “Oh, Obama,” “Oh, Obama” and praising him. There were pictures of him all over.

He was revered as the savior to America.
Obama promised that he would fundamentally change America and he did, for the worst. You don’t vow to change a country that you love, but he did. All this division started with Obama.

By the way, anyone who will vote for Biden will actually be voting for Kamala Harris, who is totally unqualified to hold any office. God Bless America.

Jean Goncalves

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