Voter turnout light for Buckeye Council


All three unopposed Buckeye council members seeking re-election received votes from less than 35% of their registered constituents in Tuesday's election.

 Patrick HagEstad, of District 4, received 3,663 votes. His district has more than 11,000 registered voters, so he received 32.5% turnout.

District 5 council member Craig Huestis, whose district is considerably smaller at 8,613 voters, received 1,622 votes. That's a turnout rate of about 19%.

District 6, like District 4, also has more than 11,000 voters. Clay Goodman received  2,980 votes, or about 26% of the total voters in his district.

Voter turnout for some races was higher, as Buckeye voters were likely to complete the portion of their ballots for statewide and legislative primaries Tuesday.

Buckeye's mayor's position and districts 1, 2 and 3  aren't up for election until 2024.