Artist Ioane shares expertise with Cactus Canyon students


Professional artists in the Leland Wilson Student Art Project Artist in Residence program recently lent a hand to 30 art students in Allison Bauman’s art class at Cactus Canyon Junior High.

KimmBerly Ioane, a ceramic artist, demonstrated hand-building techniques, how to wedge the clay to remove air pockets and helped students roll slabs of clay to create an ornament, according to a release.

The first week the students created their pieces and the following week Ms. Ioane returned to help glaze the projects the eighth graders created.

The second clay project was a wall mask using the slab method and creating texture and adhering added shapes cut of of slabs of clay and using “slip” as glue to create a three-dimensional look.

“The students in my Advanced Art class loved working with KimmBerly and learning from her expertise,” Ms. Baumann said in a prepared statement. “The students and I appreciated the opportunity to work with Ms. Ioane and the assistance of all of the wonderful volunteers.”

The experience was more than a creative outlet for the teenagers. According to a February 2019 article by Brown Center Chalkboard, a substantial increase in arts educational experiences has remarkable impacts on students’ academic, social and emotional outcomes.

The artists assisting Ms. Ioane, the lead teacher and GCAC Artist in Residence, were Lori Berry, Diane Haugen, Mary Stokrocki, Tracie Jordan, Mona McCay and Kathy Mitchell.

The Leland Wilson School Art Project Artist in Residence is part of the Gold Canyon Arts Council. In addition to providing instruction, the organization provided all the equipment and materials the students used.