Survey: Surprise Residents still concerned with virus

Only 2% say they’ve been tested for COVID-19


A Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce survey of about 600 mostly Surprise residents finds most people in the city are still concerned about COVID-19 — and almost nobody has been tested for it.

The Survey Monkey poll conducted last week found only 2% of respondents had been tested for the coronavirus.

Also, it found about three-fourths of people are either very concerned or somewhat concerned about the virus.

When it comes to returning to normal life, about a quarter of respondents said they could last another week, while the same percentage estimated a few more months. About 22% said it would last a few more weeks.

About half of the respondents said the government should make stopping the coronavirus its top priority, even if it comes at the expense of the economy.

The anonymous comments left on the survey showed support for reopening businesses but also more social distancing.

“Open the state now. Enough is enough,” one person wrote. “This whole thing as been blown so far out of proportion.”

A person in support of more social distancing wrote, “Don’t open up too soon. All the good achieved will be negated. Everyone should be required to wear face masks when out in public.”

Another comment touted the silver linings found in the stay-at-home order.

“Let’s not lose the good things that came out of this — renewed family time, cleaner environment and creative new ways of doing business,” the person wrote.