Surprise 2nd graders become published authors

Imagine Rosefield students write, illustrate their own books


Thirty students from Imagine Rosefield, 12050 N. Bullard Ave., Surprise, have become published authors through a national student publishing program.

As part of the publishing process, students in Kathryn Winters’ second grade class planned, wrote and illustrated their own poetry book using a free publishing kit provided by Studentreasures Publishing.

The students of Ms. Winters’ class worked hard on their book during the second quarter weeks. The idea for the poetry book started when students expressed interest in reading poetry and crafting their own poems. The poetry unit quickly turned into a project-based learning activity where students were in charge of teaching peers about the various types of poems that exist.

“I am so impressed with the topics the students chose to write poetry about, their creativity, and the obvious love they poured into their pieces,” Ms. Winters stated.

The Studentreasures publishing program provides teachers a way to incorporate any lesson plan – from math and science to history, art and more – into a memorable activity. Publishing a book in the classroom engages students through hands-on learning and inspires a love of reading and writing.