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Letters: Don’t lose unique look of Bell Road


Read your article on the face lift for Bell Road. Needless to say, it gave me great concern.

I moved to Surprise (Sun City Grand) in 1997 and was so impressed with the landscape in the medians — the palms and decorative light fixtures.

I recall shortly after there was talk about replacing the light fixtures, which brought forth strong public opinions against doing so. Result: they were kept. It was only after the median on Grand Avenue was landscaped, I directed visitors via Grand. Prior I only directed them via the Bell Road entrance.

Now for today’s thoughts per your article. I appreciate the cost of decorative light replacements is a concern, but I would hope consideration would again be given to retaining the present fixtures, particularly in the stretch through primarily residential areas.

If they must be replaced, I’m sure there must be a fixture that would be a compromise between an ornate decorative and a strickly commercial fixture. OK to replace the grass with artificial turf or granite, but consider using both, with various granite in an artful design.

Now the palms — they absolutely must remain. Any thought to remove them is unthinkable. The few palms I have in my yard are not watered.. A possible thought might be to up light them like they are in the auto district on Bell.