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Hawn: Overcoming multiple problems


The small hubcap that I paid a Florida junkyard company $110 to replace the missing one on the left-front wheel of my 2000 Lincoln Town Car didn’t fit.

That in itself could have encompassed this entire letter. It had taken months to find that part, unavailable at the dealership. Now what?

The “send” option on my computer had disappeared. I blamed Microsoft, which had “upgraded” its system.

Worse, I couldn’t open my e-mail icon and needed a “secret” code to verify my identity at the Bank of America. I don’t text or know how to get six numbers from my e-mails before they expired. Right, I couldn’t open the file anyway.

I did, however, place a photograph of my driver’s license against the computer, but was told there wasn’t enough light to read it.

My 1-hour appointment with Phil at the Sun City West Library was cut short when he tried to install voice mail on my wife’s new phone. Don then took over punching numbers for 90 minutes while I sat by until the library closed. There sometimes are days like that, he said. I thanked him.

During the entire following day, I was on the phone with four Geek Squad agents from the Philippines, Panama, India and the U.S. I’ve forgotten which one compounded my problems.

Verizon “interrupted” my phone service because I hadn’t paid a bill that should have been automatically withdrawn from my Bank of America account.

Ultimately, the geek from India fixed nearly everything. I called him a miracle worker and gave him 10 stars in every category except communication. He got an eight for that.

Oh, the disappearing “send” option? It was barely visible below the page that wouldn’t scroll any lower. At 93, I pray for all my friends and relatives battling cancer and other serious illnesses. God bless them.

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