Glickman: Californians are bad news


I find the influx of escapees from the sanctuary state of California to be most lamentable. California immigrants have already ruined neighboring states to the north like Washington and Oregon with their anti-Trump rhetoric — we don’t need the same infection in Arizona.

I liken it to illegal immigrants or those infected with communicable diseases like SARS or EBOLA. I run into them in the Surprise Dog Park and their politics make me upchuck. Plus they refuse to debate, preferring to shut you down. One needs to avoid stepping in human waste transferred from their shoes more than dog poop.

Would that California secede from the union or crash into the ocean? Trump should at least cut off all federal subsidies. Traitors like Schiff, Pelosi, Waters, Neesom et. al. should be impeached — not Trump.

A sorry example of California-think is the stupid $9 million bicycle path defined by concrete curbs on Bullard. We need to build a wall along the Arizona/California border to keep out Californians — and illegal immigrants via California.

I pity those Arizonians forced to relocate to California.