More Class of 2020 athletes sign with universities

The following local high school seniors have signed a letter of intent or made a verbal commitment to the following college programs.
West Valley Preps will update the list online if notified through the summer, and the Independent will update monthly in its publications.
Athletic directors, students and parents are invited to email rsmith@newszap.com with updates and pictures of student athletes signing from Cactus, Centennial, Deer Valley, Dysart, Estrella Foothills Glendale Prep, Ironwood, Kellis, Liberty, Millennium, Mountain Ridge, Northwest Christian, Paradise Honors, Peoria, Shadow Ridge, Sunrise Mountain, Valley Vista and Willow Canyon high schools.
Also, please email Richard Smith if any athlete is listed incorrectly or has changed the school he/she signed with. Or send updates or corrections to Richard via Twitter, his handle is @RsmithYWV.
Player                            Pos.           High School                   College
Jace Accurso                  LB               Liberty                             Mary (N.D.)
Zeke Alonso                    WR              Valley Vista                    Crown College (Minn.)
Edward Bojorquez         OT               Deer Valley                     Jamestown (N.D.)
Henry Brown                 RB               Valley Vista                    Wheaton College
Grant Collins                   DT               Liberty                             Mary
Travis Combs                 LB              Cactus                               Hastings College (Neb.)
Conner Cordts               QB              Cactus                               Concordia-St. Paul
Jalan Early                      QB              Millennium                      Fresno State
Tommy Ellis                    LB              Mountain Ridge            NAU (preferred walk-on)
Connor Farnsworth    OL              NW Christian                  Arizona Christian
Jacob Flaherty              TE               Cactus                              Jamestown
Brandon Fondong          LB               Millennium                     Rocky Mountain College (Mont.)
Trenton Foster                 LB               Valley Vista                    Buena Vista (Iowa)
Jonathan HagEstad       DB              Willow Canyon              Carroll College (Mont.)
Eric Haney                     CB               Centennial                      San Diego
Josh Hovatter                 C               Centennial                      Lake Forest College (Ill.)
Darvon Hubbard             RB               Willow Canyon             Texas A&M
Jayden Jackson             DE               Shadow Ridge              Carroll College
Marc Jacob                  RB               Centennial                      Rocky Mountain College
Cameron Jones             WR               Millennium                     Simpson College (Iowa)
Kaiden Lansford            QB                Shadow Ridge              Ottawa Arizona
Daryon Lee                   DE                Valley Vista                    Maricopa Mustangs
Casey Lowe                    LB            Shadow Ridge               Concordia-Moorehead
Collin Lupinacchi           DE                Liberty                             Ottawa Arizona
Easton Meier                   QB              NW Christian                 Ottawa Arizona
Isaiah Mercado               OT                Shadow Ridge              Sioux Falls
Derek Miller                         S              Valley Vista                     MacMurray College (Ill.)
Dyelan Miller                  WR           Centennial                Arizona
Jonathan Morris         QB               Centennial                      Rocky Mountain
Makai Obregon                  S                Valley Vista                    South Dakota School of the Mines
Gabriel Ocampo             DE                Peoria                               Arizona Christian
Josh Ormond                QB          Willow Canyon    Ripon College (Wis.)
Isaiah Pittman                 LB                Liberty                             Mary
Nate Quinones                 DB               Cactus                      Black Hills State (S.D.)
Nicc Quinones                  LB            Cactus                     Black Hills State (S.D.)
Mason Ramirez                  S                Liberty                     Simpson College
Juaquin Rodriguez             K          Centennial                     Arizona Christian
George Roeder             OG               Centennial                      Rocky Mountain
Tyler Ross                       WR        Willow Canyon      Valley City State (N.D.)
Chase Rudders               LB            Sunrise Mountain  St. Olaf (Minn.)
Andrew Rumary             OT         Valley Vista             UC-Davis
Lee Sampson                   OT            Millennium             City College of San Francisco
Chandler Schelah       OL            Millennium             Baker (Kansas)
Derrick Scott                       S             Liberty                     Ottawa Arizona
Jovon Scott                      WR            Peoria                      Ottawa Arizona
Kyle St. Pierre                  WR         Millennium             Minot St. (N.D.)
Luke Stephenson           DE              Liberty                       St. Olaf (Minn.)
Frank Thompson            OG              Liberty                       Stephen F. Austin
Jacob Welsh                     LS             Liberty                       NAU
Justin Wilda                      LB            Sunrise Mountain  Valley City State (N.D.)
Austin Wright                   DE              Estrella Foothills    Benedictine (Kansas)
Brad Young                       TE             Centennial                       Portland St.     
Player                           Pos.              High School                       College
Reannan Bihlmeier      L          Sunrise Mountain   James Madison (Va.)
Amberly Blowers      MB          Millennium                 Glendale CC
Kaitlin Brown               OH          Deer Valley                Saint Anselm (N.H.)
Brooklyn Casey           RS          Liberty                          Chaminade (Hawaii)
Zoe Dalessandri         MB          NW Christian            Abeline Christian
Savannah Davis          MB         Deer Valley                      Scottsdale CC
Jaiden Duff                   MB         Centennial                        Phoenix College
Jaelynn Elgert                L           Liberty                         The Citadel
Annabelle Gregory       S          Shadow Ridge          Glendale CC
Makayla Hurles         MB          Estrella Foothills     South Mountain CC
Jordan Kress              OH           Mountain Ridge       Fairfield (Conn.)
Ashley Lifgren           OH           Centennial                  Grand Canyon
Kaylee LoPresto          RS            Millennium                 East Stroudsburg (Penn.)
Nyjha Marcelin          RS            Centennial                  Central Conencticut St.
Phoenix Morales         S             Ironwood                   Phoenix College
Gracie Newbern         MB            Liberty                         Glendale CC
Ashlyn Nevrla           MB            NW Christian            Cal Baptist
Shauna Rath                  S            Sunrise Mountain   Cal State-Fullerton
Hannah Richman       MB            Sunrise Mountain         Academy of Art (Calif.)
Kimber Roberts          OH              Sunrise Mountain   Eastern New Mexico
Kaycee Stewart     S                   Centennial                  Phoenix College
Hannah Waters           S            Millennium                  Lamar (Texas)
Kylie Waters              DS            Millennium                  Seattle
Trinity Weidinger    RS            Centennial                   Glendale CC
Player                                   Pos.              High School                   College
Mason Galindo               L              Millennium              Baldwin Wallace (Ohio)
Austin McKee             OH                   Millennium              Charleston (WV)
Player                                    Pos.               High School                   College
Jaden Glass                     F                      Ironwood                       Benedictene (Mesa)
Dominic Gonzalez        G                      Ironwood                       Arizona Christian
Trent Hudgens               G                      Ironwood                       Santa Clara
Aaron Rice                       G                      Ironwood                       Benedictine (Mesa)
David Teibo               W                  Ironwood               Embry-Riddle
Caleb Wright            W                  Millennium             High Point (N.C.)
Player                              Pos.                High School                        College
Abigail Breland            F                      Deer Valley                    Arizona Christian
Teryn Demaree           G                     Sunrise Mountain   Dakota Wesleyan
Sophie Hubby              G                     NW Christian                 Ottawa Arizona
Myla Lee                         G                     Cactus                              Arizona Christian
Sophia Martinez         G               Valley Vista               Arizona Christian
Tarissa Moore              F                Liberty                         Arizona Christian
Jasmine Singleton      G               Millennium                 UNLV
Megan Strickler           G              (former Ironwood)    Embry-Riddle
Ali Zelaya                      F                  Millennium                 North Carolina
Player                     Pos.                 High School                         College
Brock Arnold         IF                   Mountain Ridge            Paradise Valley CC
Bennett Beltramo    SS                  NW Christian                   Hardin-Simmons (Texas)
Isaac Chavira              P                   Centennial                       Chandler-Gilbert CC
Tyler Davis                   P                Sunrise Mountain   Yavapai College
Ryan Ellis                     C                Mountain Ridge       St. Mary’s (Calif.)
Carlos Grajeda           P                    Valley Vista                     Ottawa Arizona
James Hamill                   P                    Paradise Honors           Ottawa Arizona
Brysen Hamilton            C                    Valley Vista                      Alcorn State
Jacob Hapner                  P                    Centennial                      Glendale CC
Jayson Hayes                  P              Willow Canyon      Pittsburgh-Bradford
Michael Keevins            P                    Centennial                      Paradise Valley CC
Hayden King                P                    Paradise Honors           Glendale CC
Kyle Lewis                   C                Liberty                          South Mountain CC
Garrett Moltz                 P               Sunrise Mountain   Paradise Valley CC
Colton Neville                 IF                     Mountain Ridge            Arizona Christian
Matthew Obst                OF                    Millennium                      Centralia (Wash.)
Brock Peery                  P               Mountain Ridge      Arizona State
Ashton Perez            OF                     Estrella Foothills         Glendale CC
Garrett Piekert                P                     Ironwood                        Sioux Falls
David Rodriguez     3B              Kellis                            Phoenix College
Zach Rogers                P               Mountain Ridge     Grand Canyon
Mitchell Schooler      P                     Liberty                       Arizona Christian
Keegan Stancato     IF             Mountain Ridge     Portland
Kyler Stancato           P              Mountain Ridge     Washington State
Jacob Stockton        IF              Sunrise Mountain   Paradise Valley CC
Seth Sweet-Chick        IF              Estrella Foothills     Kansas
Tasker Tripi                  2B              Sunrise Mountain    Lawrence Tech (Mich.)
Lance Wall                    IF                      Sunrise Mountain       Glendale CC
Travis Warriner             SS           Mountain Ridge       Yavapai College
Cameron Waterfield    C          Estrella Foothills          Ottawa Arizona
Jace Young                    OF               Mountain Ridge            Embry-Riddle
Player               Pos.         High School        College

Isabella Arias              2B               Shadow Ridge                 San Diego Christian
Sydney Bickel              SS               Sunrise Mountain   Nebraska
Tori Britton                     C               Shadow Ridge          CSU-Pueblo
Marley Burd                   1B               Centennial                  Wisconsin-Superior
Paige Callahan              2B             Mountain Ridge              Dickinson State
Aris Carroll                    1B                Shadow Ridge          Arizona
Sophia Carroll              SS               Shadow Ridge          Arizona
Aubrey Chavez            3B               Cactus                          Arizona Christian
Emari Evans                   P             Shadow Ridge           Howard
Rachel Forsythe            OF          Liberty                           Northern Colorado                        
Jaydn Gilley                    IF               Shadow Ridge                 Fort Lewis (Colo.)
Breanna Gonzalez        IF                Willow Canyon        Hawaii-Hilo
Elisa Granado                  SS           Peoria                          Yavapai College
Rylee Gresham               IF                Shadow Ridge         Texas Permian-Basin
Racheal Jesionowski     P                Estrella Foothills     Mesa CC 
Kaytlin Leyvas                C           Cactus                          Grand Canyon
Mariah Lopez                P           Centennial                         Utah
Aubrey Maya              OF               Centennial                         New England College
Kylee Messmer               P           Sunrise Mountain   Biola (Calif.)
Josette Orion                1B           Valley Vista                Phoenix College
Mary Pearce                   OF              Kellis                              Glendale CC
Mia Perez                        OF              Shadow Ridge           Colorado-Colorado Springs
Andraya Romero        3B           Peoria                           Central Arizona
Chloe Theriault            1B            Cactus                           Wellesley (Mass.)
Player                Pos.        High School        College

Autem Johnston    MF                    Mountain Ridge           Park U-Gilbert
Gabbie Hayes              F                     Estrella Foothills            Piedmont (Ga.)
Tatum Heffington        MF                    Millennium                        Phoenix College
Hannah Lewis          MF              NW Christian               Arizona Christian
Sara Lowry                  F                     Valley Vista                    Ottawa Arizona
Madison Marr            D                     Mountain Ridge           Nevada
Belle Ress                     D                     NW Christian                Hardin-Simmons (Texas)
Gabby Smith                  GK                     Millennium                     Phoenix College
Karis Stull                           D                 Millennium                     Dallas Baptist
Sierra Sweeney             MF                     Paradise Honors           Scottsdale CC
Anacel Valenzuela          F                     Millennium                  Phoenix College
Mackenzie Goodrich Williams GK    Valley Vista     Point Park (Pa.)
Player                                        Pos.               High School                           College

Thaib Abidi                   D         Sunrise Mountain   Ithaca College
Ricardo Cardozo           F         Ironwood                Wingate University
Logan Guertin              D         Sunrise Mountain   Grand Canyon
Alexander Huguez        F          Sunrise Mountain   Adams State
Michael Huss                F          NW Christian          Liberty
Hessed Martinez           D          Ironwood               Marymount (Va.)
Player                                                     Weight Class        High School                College
Matthew Stevenson    182 pounds   Liberty         Embry-Riddle 
Player                                 High School                                                           College
Kendal Gutierrez    Sunrise Mountain                              Fort Lewis (Colo.)
Madeline Laux           Millennium                                             UNLV
Ashley Menne            Xavier Prep (Surprise resident)  Arizona State
Mikayla Sgrillo           Millennium                                             Ottawa Arizona
Player                              High School                               College
Parker Everingham    Paradise Honors              Glendale CC
Ben Lorenz                     Sunrise Mountain           Oklahoma
Garrett Olson                 Mountain Ridge               Wisconsin-Parkside
Zack Robinson              Estrella Foothills              Embry-Riddle
Kobe Valociek                Liberty                                  Virginia Tech
Player                                 Events           High School                         College
Ani Durrell                    Distance     Glendale Prep               Grand Canyon
Hunter Krasa                 Distance       Mountain Ridge               Loyola Marymount
Braedon Palmer           Distance       Sunrise Mountain          Grand Canyon
Rylee Perkins                Jumps           Centennial                          Arizona
Taylor Truax                   Distance       Shadow Ridge                 Estrella Mountain CC
Player                                Events                 High School                       College
Kara Church          Distance       Mountain Ridge        Kansas
Daniel Muller             Diving          Centennial                    Wisconsin
Player                                     High School                           College
Isabella Arias                Shadow Ridge                 San Diego Christian
Ani Durrell                  Glendale Prep             Grand Canyon
Hunter Krasa             Mountain Ridge        Loyola Marymount
Braedon Palmer        Sunrise Mountain     Grand Canyon
Taylor Truax                   Shadow Ridge                 Estrella Mountain CC