City to take scooter feedback

Pilot program begins Nov. 1


When the city unveils its Shared Active Transportation Vehicles pilot program next week, Surprise residents will be able to give their feedback right away.

The city plans to launch a comment section at, starting Friday, Nov. 1 — the day a six-month pilot program for e-scooters and other alternative electric vehicles are allowed in the city.

SATV is the short name for electric scooters or electric-bicycles. The city plans to test out the effectiveness of the program through Tuesday, April 28.

The City Council approved the pilot program at its Oct. 1 meeting. Up to 100 scooters are allowed in the city between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. and vendors are responsible for collecting the vehicles each night.

Geo-fencing will limit their use to common recreation area — basically the Surprise Recreation Complex to Grand Avenue.

They also won’t be allowed in city and community parks, on sidewalks or in front of homes. But they will be allowed to help shuttle spring training traffic in February and March.

The pilot program requires SATVs to be deployed upright, in groups of no more than five. Those groups must have at least 300 feet spacing in-between.

The speed limit for e-scooters is 12 miles per hour and 20 mph for e-bicycles. The app that unlocks the scooter will also set the speed limit.

The city contact for the Shared Active Transportation Vehicle Ordinance is Harold Brady at

To report violations and misuse of the vehicles once they are deployed, contact Code Enforcement at 623-222-1900.

Editor’s note: The City of Surprise contributed to this story.