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City councilmember touts her experience in run for mayor


It’s an exciting time in Surprise. We’re experiencing significant growth and economic activity that is helping us transform from a bedroom community to thriving city.

It’s been my honor to serve on the City Council that has helped make that happen. Things are headed in the right direction, but we need experienced leadership to make sure it stays that way.

I’m running for mayor to ensure that we continue to invest in public safety, promote fiscal responsibility, protect our quality of life, and support Luke Air Force Base and our veterans. With over 22 years as a resident, I’ve deeply invested in our community through initiatives like Friends of Surprise Libraries and have committed over 21,000 volunteer hours to local causes.

Public safety is my top priority. I’ll fight hard every day to ensure that our first responders have the tools and resources they need to be there when we need them most. I’m proud to be endorsed by the Surprise Fire Fighters Association.

I also recognize that public safety is more than just the fire and police who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. It also means investing in safer intersections and well connected roads that help keep emergency response times low. We’re making some strides to improve our streets, but there’s more work to be done — especially in the growing parts of our city.

As a fiscal conservative with 32 years in financial services and business acquisitions, I understand the critical balance between funding essential city services while maintaining affordability, particularly in challenging economic times with reduced state revenues. At the same time, we must protect our quality of life by ensuring that the city serves all generations and offers the excellent amenities that make this city a great place to live.

Finally, I’m a proud supporter of Luke. The base is not only critical to our national security — it’s also an economic asset that benefits all surrounding cities. My husband, Gary, is a Vietnam veteran, and I recognize the important role that our city plays in supporting all of the brave men and women who have served our country.

Being mayor of Surprise is a full-time job. The citizens deserve nothing less. I’m the only candidate with the experience necessary to hit the ground running and the commitment to give this job the full-time attention it requires. I would be honored to earn your vote.

Aly Cline is a Surprise city councilmember and candidate for mayor. Reader reactions, pro or con, are welcomed at AzOpinions@iniusa.org.