Wambach: Sun City West ADA work not working


For years, I have been trying to determine how we keep constructing and reconstructing our sidewalks where there is no apparent issue. While I support providing access as much as fiscally possible for those covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, I question where does it stop and who is mandating all these changes.

Where is the accountability? It appears to be a bureaucratic nightmare. Are studies done, cost analysis provided, feasibility studies initiated or does some brilliant bureaucrat just issue some directive? All my questions have been answered by the comment, “It is required by the ADA.”

Seriously, this is all required? That is the answer? Every time a new idea floats, it becomes required.

As I said before, I want access provided for these individuals, but let’s look at just some of the progression that has been mandated by just this reference to “ADA required”and the literally hundreds of millions of dollars spent under this program.

Originally a very valid concern of how to correct the curb issue was resolved by mandating curb ramps. Sloping the concrete at sidewalk intersections for new construction or repairs. Maybe there is an issue with flat smooth concrete. Let’s change that to grooved concrete. Later, that was good but let’s do top finish. OK, that doesn’t work perfectly in all climates so let’s go to some metal plate insert & it will wear better too. What phase of metal plates we are in is unknown, but wait, we only are providing one plate at each corner to go both directions across the intersection. The Washington, D.C., bureaucrat sees another option to mandate, let’s put to plates on each corner offset from the intersection. That should work, and while we are doing that, let’s put the new slab with the plate level. We will mandate the adjoining concrete slabs be ramped down to make this work and also require the rear side to be curbed against the old landscape. While we are at it, let’s mandate that any other close sidewalks in the area also be replaced.

What is the next brilliant idea? Have the ADA individuals truly had major issues negotiating the original design? If so, let’s look at it, but stop the constant removal of existing ramped slabs and changing the mandate every time a new idea comes along.

Just drive Granite Valley north from Meeker to R.H. Johnson and see all the replaced concrete corners with the double plates offset from the intersection and wonder who is paying for all of this and why. We are, because some ADA bureaucrat thought it a good idea.

This is little Sun City West. Think of the impact nationally. Mind boggling the way we spend our tax dollars.