Vitez: Better way to get rid of trees in Sun Cities


Do you have one or more citrus trees that you wish you did not have?

Perhaps it’s a grapefruit tree that you can not eat its fruit because you’re taking a prescription statin drug. Maybe you have a tree that produces a small orange with many seeds or just a poor tasting fruit or simply would prefer a different citrus tree.

What can you do about it? You may have checked with a nursery only to find out that the cost is in the many hundreds of dollars to remove and replace a tree. Is there any other alternative that could be considered?

Yes there is. It’s called grafting. It’s done by taking a section of a stem with leaf buds from a desired tree and splicing (grafting) it on to another citrus tree. This can be done with any citrus tree. You can also have more than one variety of citrus on the same tree.

It’s time for Sun City residents to investigate how this can be done. We may have the grafting expertise already available within our community. Let’s check this out. Perhaps we can start a citrus grafting club where this knowledge on grafting can be shared with others. Let’s get this ball rolling.

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