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Slavery started in African countries


I’d like to give my take on slavery and reparations.

I was enslaved by my mother, God rest her soul, at an early age. I was required to pick up my clothes and do family chores against my will. However, the payoff has been from the smile on my wife’s face. She does appreciate the cleaning trait.

Now to the recent claims for reparations. Look at the history first. I always wondered how a ship with a crew of about 46 could go into a foreighn land and capture about 420 souls and take them into slavery against their will. They couldn’t and I’ll explain.

The enslaved Africans were taken into servitude by their own countrymen, war lords who captured them for sale to the highest bidder. These captures and sales were conducted way back in the Roman times of power and these slaves were brokered by the Muslims who viewed these people as non-humans as dictated by their religious beliefs. If reparations of any kind are requested, they need to be filed with the Africans who captured, enslaved and sold their neighbors.

Let’s look at our Native American tribes who act so pompous when it comes to slavery and the loss of their land. They are no better than the African slave traders. Look at Sacagawea, a slave that was bought from her enslavement by Charabonneau, and taken as his wife. Sounds as though native tribes that don’t have casinos need to get reparations from the tribes that do.

Better yet, shut up and get to work, honest work (all of us) before my mom comes back and makes us clean our rooms.

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