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Ramsey: Vote ‘yes’ on Sun City West recall


I encourage all Sun City West residents to vote “yes” for the recall of all three Recreation Centers of Sun City West board members. The board of directors and Sun City West need a fresh start.

I do not know the board members that are up for recall. I’m sure they are all very good people and have worked hard while on the Board, however, it’s time for a new and different start.

If the board and Sun City West interests are going to be represented in the future we need several things.

• We need a manager hired exclusively for the board to help see that the board follows the requirements of governing Sun City West. It would help if he or she lives in Sun City West.

• We need competitive bids for all contracts awarded by the Sun City West board of directors and/or the Rec Center. The opportunity to bid needs to be open to all contractors and then evaluated by qualified personnel so that the most qualified and the best bid company (considering qualifications) is awarded the project.

As an architect and general contractor, I often saw there were not qualified staff on boards or at cities to evaluate companies and their bids. If that is the case, then a qualified person or company should be hired to evaluate bids. My company used to do that for the Kansas City school district.

• Our general manager needs to have the current $50,000 expense “open approval” reduced to $5,000 or have some extensive review established on how the GM is spending the money.

• Board members need to be able to look at every contract RCSCW is awarding before approving them. This is not currently happening.

• Sun City West Board members should have the right to meet with the Sun City West general manager without the approval of the board president.

• Last, more effort needs to be made by the RCSCW to help keep our clubs open. Also the Village Shop needs to be reestablished for the smaller craftsmen and hobbyists to sell their creations. The Del Sol Gallery is not providing that service.

The information I have used for this letter has not been extensively researched by me. Some of it is what I have seen or experienced, however much of it is information that has been shared at the OurSCW.com website and/or at one of their open meetings.