O'Malley: Do not live in fear of COVID-19

Posted 11/10/20

During this COVID-19 scare, many live in fear. As a Christian, I remind people to remember that scripture says 365 times, “Do not fear.” One for each day of the year.

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O'Malley: Do not live in fear of COVID-19


During this COVID-19 scare, many live in fear. As a Christian, I remind people to remember that scripture says 365 times, “Do not fear.” One for each day of the year.

Often our first response is to go into fear. We do not have our true worth and identity in Christ, which gives us true peace. We need to become disciples, which means learning and growing in Christ. God wanted a family and a relationship. It takes two to develop a relationship. That is for another time.

For now, we need to refocus. Instead of thinking on the negative and problems, think on solutions and positive. Philippians 4:8, “Whatsoever is of good report, lovely, wholesome, Pure, etc., Think on these things.” Stop listening to all the news, reading popups on your phone and people that are negative, preaching doom and gloom. Refuse to watch and listen to those doom sayers and know this, too, shall pass. Instead of thinking what you cannot do, while in self-imposed quarantine, think of what you can do.

All those things you’ve been putting off around the house to do or fix. Deep cleaning, like under your sinks or cleaning out your closet and food pantry. Organize the drawers of your dresser and linen closet. Mending clothes, cleaning your shoes and boots. Wash your slippers and robes. Fixing broken things around the house or out in the yard. Planting a flower garden or vegetable garden. Cleaning out the paper clutter or a book case. Trying new recipes or grilling outside more. Painting that room or porch that for years you have been wanting to paint.

Read that book or write that book you have been wanting to. Everyone has a book inside of them. The problem is most people do not have the self-discipline to sit down and write it. Maybe it is a family cookbook you want to write and self-publish just for family.

Learn a new accent or language. YouTube can teach you to speak with an Irish, British or Aussie accent, just for fun! Take a course online. YouTube can teach you many things for free. Try dollar folding! Study photography online, sign up for an outdoor class or just go out with a friend and take photos of landscape, people, architecture, whatever interest you. Remember, you need to have people sign wavers if you’re going to use the photo publicly. You can find those online for free also.

That is the whole point, there is so much free online that you have no reason to be bored. Learn a new game. Card games from YouTube or scrabble online, in which you can play with friends. Exercise to a DVD or cable program, walk, ride your bike, now it is cooler.

What have you always wanted to do? Make a list. Then label the list A, B, C. A = I Really want to Learn. B = I would be interested to learn. C = Maybe some day. Then Start with A and number them 1, 2, 3 according to the most interesting thing to you. Yes you, not everyone else. What do you want to do or learn? It does not matter what everyone else wants or says. Follow your heart.

Write letters of gratitude and thank people who have encouraged you and helped you over the years. Maybe it is a neighbor, family member or a long-forgotten teacher who encouraged you. If you can not think of anyone, write to the firemen, first responders, nurses at a hospital, maybe your doctor or pastor.

This is even more important if you are isolated alone. When it is only you in the house. If you are too tired to focus on a project or reading, then watch a comedy. Something to make you laugh, not fear causing or depressing. Don’t watch anything that is “dark” or scary, that will not lift your spirits. You want drama free in what you watch and, in your life, as much as you can control. Stress and drama lowers your immunity.

Look forward with a positive attitude, make plans.

Listen to uplifting music. Absolutely Refuse to listen to negative people. Change the subject or just walk away.

Jobs? Think outside the box and think essential. Care.com offers caregiving jobs for seniors, children or assistants. Grocery stores, medical jobs even if you’re a receptionist. If you’re technical, try cell phone providers. Amazon fulfillment or computer work. Are you a good driver and strong? UPS, Fed-Ex, are all essential jobs.

Editor’s Note: Nora O’Malley, a Sun City resident, is a writer, coach and encourager. Visit her blog at noraomalley.com.

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