Guest Commentary: Sun City West Posse need patrol members


We need more help!

Following the commentary in the Sun City West Independent Jan. 20, 2021 asking the residents of our community to please consider volunteering to be a Sun City West Posse dispatcher, the Posse received a number of calls from our residents. We were pleasantly surprised with the number of residents who want to volunteer and assist in keeping our community as safe as possible.

So, to everyone that responded, we want to personally say thank you to each of you.

Now, as previously noted, we needed dispatchers in order to patrol. However, as our dispatcher roster became short, so did the number of persons wanting to drive and patrol. Our number of patrols has been diminishing over the years due to age, health conditions, moving out of state to be closer to family, etc. So consequently, we find ourselves desperately in need of persons wanting to patrol. Some of our Posse people prefer early morning when the weather is cooler; some prefer the afternoon shift when the community is busy; and some like the night shift when the community buttons down and traffic subsides.

The Posse is on the streets 365 days of the year. Our goal is to cover every street, every business, bank, rec center, golf course, medical building and water well on every shift. Many of our people are working 8-10 shifts per month to cover the needed patrols. Some of our shifts go out with a duty officer and one patrol person, plus that necessary dispatcher in-house. This is not enough to cover our community! We need 3-4 patrols on every shift.

All we are asking is if you are a resident of Sun City West, have a valid U.S. driver’s license, are in reasonably good health and want to continue to live in one of the safest places in the United States, please come in and visit us.   Call us at 623-584-5808 and we will tour you through our facility. We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

We need your help! Please don’t let us down!

Editor’s Note: Jan Vejraska is Sun City West Posse public information officer.