Sun City West

Ghostlight Theatre gets spooky with ‘Legend of Sleepy Hollow’

Staged as a live radio show, production opens this week


Ghostlight Theatre, at 13541 W. Camino del Sol, opens the curtain this week on “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: A Live Radio Broadcast,” which runs Oct. 24-Nov. 3 on the Sun City West stage.

Opening night starts 7 p.m. on the 10-show run.

Ghostlight is adding a twist to the 1820 short story classic from Washington Irving. In this Tony Palermo adaptation, the play is staged as a live radio broadcast, complete with a foley artist providing on-stage sound effects to add to an illusion that the audience is watching a radio broadcast from inside the studio.

“I am a big horror, suspense and mystery fan. However, sometimes those themes are more difficult to stage as a traditional stage play especially when you have a small venue,” Ghostlight Theatre director Linda Mendenhall stated. “Bringing something like ‘Headless Horseman’ as a radio show allows me to bring something from my favorite genre to the small stage.”

The production features a 12-member cast bringing the iconic story to life.

“I think that this adaptation focuses more the life elements of the characters, telling ghost stories, gossiping at the local tavern, pie-eating contests and other fun elements,” Ms. Mendenhall stated.

The run includes 7 p.m. shows Thursday, Friday and Saturday, as well as 2 p.m. matinees Saturday and Sunday over two weekends. Friday night shows include “wine and cheese night,” where patrons can enjoy complimentary wine and cheese at the theatre with the cast after the performance.

Ghostlight staged this production during Halloween season (there is a show Halloween night) because of the story’s scary elements. The challenge also, says Ms. Mendenhall, comes with staying true to an iconic piece of literature while also finding fresh approaches.

“I believe that having it as a radio show is already a new approach,” she added. “It doesn’t seem like something that would fit into the radio theme. However, it does so quite nicely. I think we are staying true to the well-known piece, however, bringing in some of the life elements that are only really touched on in the piece of literature. I think the biggest adjustment is really for the actors. Actors love movement and blocking so this has been very strange for them."

Tickets are $20, and are available at