CLAYTON: Facts missing in accusation of trespasser


Mr. Reilly (“Was it artist stealing rocks from yard?” posted on May 8, 2020), I understand that the rocks you placed in your own flower garden are expensive and that they belong to you and nobody has the right to take them, even if you do live on the golf course.

It is trespassing at best and petty theft at worst. You were correct in admonishing your white-haired thief and I certainly would have been upset with her attitude also.

But there are a few facts you may not know that may have caused you to rush to judgment.

There are many people trying to cheer people up during this epidemic by hanging signs, chalking uplifting messages on sidewalks, organizing music in driveways, etc. Several people are decorating rocks and “rock bombing” by placing the decorated rocks around the community in hopes of passing on a little hope and cheer. I have done a couple of these myself on rocks from my own yard, although nothing as lovely as the ones featured in the newspaper article.

Our long-time queen of rock décor is Suzanne Hendershot, who has taken a long-time hobby and turned it into a beautiful symbol of hope and beauty. Suzanne asked her fellow Chit Chat members for rocks and was given a lot to work with and she knows there are generous hearts that would give more if she ran out so she can continue her mission. Therefore, she would have no reason to take yours. She has given much joy to many by sharing her talent.

I think the heat of the moment and the insult that your thief gave you caused an understandable but mistaken conclusion to be drawn. I think you owe Ms. Hendershot an apology. Even though her name was not mentioned in your letter, the meaning was clear.

Sharon Clayton

Sun City West