ANDREASON: Readers target of paying it forward


We were at the Dairy Queen in Sun City West April 24, a golf car pulled up in line the same time we did.

We let them go in front of us, as it was warm and we were in a car. When we got up to the window to pay for our malts, the server said they were already paid for by the people in the golf car.

What a kind gesture, and it was just what my husband needed for that day. He had run into three really nasty people at Lowe’s, which had ruined his day. So we gave the server the money we would have paid and told her to split it with her co-workers. We wanted them to know how much we appreciate their working through this time in our lives.

So we hope the wonderful couple gets the paper as we want to thank them for their kindness. We also wish everyone will show more kindness, instead of being nasty. We didn’t plan for a pandemic, but we can make the best of it.

Mary Sue and Bud Andreason

Sun City